Iso Builder

Iso Builder

Create, import and process Isometric Drawings

IsoBuilder is an intelligent solution for the import and editing of isometries that extracts all fabrication relevant data from the drawings. It provides the basis for all following calculations. Thanks to an integrative database all details regarding the pipeline elements are known. Hence the system can use the drawings to automatically generate all required information and lists that are required for the purchase and the fabrication of the order. In addition to the creation of part lists and welding lists this also includes the preparation of CNC-data. By conducting a logic test the integrity of each drawing can be examined, and errors can be discovered early.

IsoBuilder supports a large number of interfaces to the common construction and coordination systems, and can thus be integrated into an existing environment without problem. The interfaces are constantly expanded and in part adapted to individual requirements.

Each drawing is split into individual spools according to customizable criteria to suit your needs. Examples would be double-flanged connections, assembly seams, valves, or maximum size and weight. The time and costs to fabricate and install the spools can be calculated early on.

For each individual spool a worksheet for fabrication is generated. In order to improve legibility on the worksheet the connections can be displayed in a non-scaled fashion.

IsoBuilder Pipeline Drawing 3D




For the import or export of isometry data from third-party systems, interfaces with many formats are available:
Additional interfaces can be realized upon request.
Piping inside a factory

IsoBuilder in Combination with RAMP

IsoBuilder splits a drawing into its spools based on a set of rules defined by the customer. For each isometry all information relevant for fabrication is then  generated and stored in the database. By combining the system with RAMP it is possible to access these values to generate CNC-data for all stations of the manufacturing process (saw, flame cutting machine, bending machine, etc.).
IsoBuilder Modification Management

Modification Management

RAMP updates the status of the individual pipe, as soon as a station of the fabrication process has been passed. If a drawing was changed retroactively by the construction department, IsoBuilder can align the effected modification with the fabrication progress. The user can respond to each modification individually. This minimizes investment for revisions and maximizes transparency.

Worksheet and Logic Test

IsoBuilder offers a logic test, which determines whether the individual components of the drawing can be fabricated. Afterwards IsoBuilder can generate worksheets, part lists, welding documentation, bending / cutting lists and many other documentation for each individual spool, which include all information required for fabrication at the various tube-shop stations.
IsoBuilder Worksheet
IsoBuilder Dia Inch

Dia Inch Reports

The Dia Inch report provides a detailed overview of the fabrication expenditure for each drawing. To do so all shop and field welds and threaded joints receive a factor based on their nominal size and the connected element. The various connections are then listed and grouped by their factor. By looking at the sum of all factors, it is possible to gauge the complexity of a spool.